A Personal And Custom Vineyard Tour

Explore Oregon’s Diverse
and Distinct Winegrowing Regions.

You can visit the scenic Oregon coast, our volcanic Cascade Mountains, and deserts that stretch as far as the eye can see. If you’re looking for world-class Pinot Noir, outstanding Chardonnays or superb Syrah, Oregon wineries are waiting for you.

With 19 approved winegrowing regions (American Viticulture Areas or “AVA’s”) and more than 760 wineries producing 72 varieties of grapes, Oregon is blessed with some of the most diverse and beautiful wine-growing landscapes in the world. From the highlands soaring above the Columbia River Gorge to the Willamette Valley’s green, rolling hills to the deep valleys of Southern Oregon, there are some incredible sights to behold and some incredible wines to taste. The regions listed below are easily accessible on a day trip from the Portland area.

Wineries in the Willamette Valley


The Willamette Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) is a perfect location for the demanding Pinot Noir grapes to thrive. Located along the Earth’s 45th Parallel, confined between the Cascade Mountains to the east, the Coast Range Mountains to the west and the gap in the Coast Range named the Van Duzer Corridor, moderately cool climates develop and Pinot Noir flourishes.

Known for making some of the world’s best Pinot Noir as well as a diversity of other cool-climate varieties, Willamette Valley wineries are dedicated to a personal, handcrafted approach to winemaking. In addition to producing world-renowned wines, the wineries have set themselves apart through collaboration, sustainability leadership, and passionate winemaking.

Within the Willamette Valley’s northern reaches there are ten sub-AVA’s. It’s within these clustered regions and the small distances between them that yield distinct differences in the wines they produce. It’s also in these regions that we focus our wine tours.

Full Day Private Custom Willamette Valley Winemaker Tour with Lunch

$300 per person or $475 single individual full day tour. Hosted by Pioneering Winemaker Carmine Campione.

Half-Day Private Custom Willamette Valley Winemaker Tour

$175 per person or $350 single individual half day tour. Hosted by Pioneering Winemaker Carmine Campione.